20hr Teaching English Online Course

20hr Teaching English Online Course (Online)

Learn how to transfer your classroom skills to an Online teaching setting.

What is taught - A 20-hour online English language course is taught.

Qualification - Ideal for both beginners and experienced teachers who want to improve their skills.

Accredited - An internationally recognized qualification with a free placement service for our TEFL graduates.

Open - The course is open to everyone. Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world (Online).

Reliable - Over 93% of reviewers recommend TEFL UK. We are trusted by over 50,000 students.

Payment - You can pay the cost of the course by bank card - click on the "Buy" button on the right.

20hr Teaching English Online Course

Internationally accredited course

Price: 40 £

+ certificate 20 euros


20-hour course teaching English online Syllabus:

  • 1. Teaching English Online
  • 2. Typical Questions about Teaching English Online Employers / Providers
  • 3. Qualities of a Competent and Effective Online Teacher
  • 4. Facilitating Successful Learning Via Your Teaching Platform

How much can I earn teaching English online?

As an online English instructor, you can earn anywhere from $12 to $26 an hour (and sometimes more) depending on your skills and the hiring school. Get your certificate and use it to teach anywhere in the world.

How do I become an effective online English teacher?

As with classroom teaching, it is important to prepare thoroughly, set fair expectations for your students, maintain a positive attitude, always be patient with students, and regularly assess their learning achievements. Also, remember that students learn in different ways, so it's important to reflect on your teaching material time and time again and modify it if necessary.

What can I do to make my online class more interesting?

Find out what your student wants and incorporate them into the classroom as much as possible. Give students regular feedback on their progress. Try to be a happy, cheerful and approachable teacher. Show your face, smile and create short slides. Bring games into the classroom and pay special attention to time management, making sure the lesson is well-paced and purposeful.