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Professional advancement.

After completing the TEFL course, you will be fully prepared to step into the classroom and teach English to students of any age.

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compliance with standards.

After completing the TEFL course, your knowledge will be in line with the standards set for English language teachers worldwide.

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More financial income.

After completing the TEFL course, you will have the opportunity to work as an English teacher in many countries and improve your financial situation.

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TEFL certificate

Do you want to be a successful English teacher? Then you need a TEFL certificate

A TEFL certificate will open up new opportunities in your career. You will be given the opportunity to work as an English teacher abroad and earn much more.

About TEFL

Advantages of TEFL

Anyone can become a TEFL teacher

Yes, to anyone who speaks English! No diploma or prior teaching experience is necessary, and there is no age limit.

It will open the door to the whole world

This way you will see what life is really like. You're not limited to just one location - you can teach in over 40 countries with a TEFL certification!

Study on your own schedule

There is no strict teaching schedule. You can study from anywhere with internet and computer, tablet or mobile phone. You are given complete freedom!

Professional qualification

This is a universal certificate that gives you the ability to teach English. It is a recognized qualification worldwide. In some countries, a TEFL is required to obtain a work permit.

High chance of employment

This certificate allows you to be employed as an English language teacher in any country in the world. There are a large number of TEFL job sites on the Internet that post constantly updated job vacancies.

Possibility of specialization

TEFL allows you to specialize your knowledge in different areas: teaching children, teaching business English, preparing for international exams and others.

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