20hr How To Teach Grammar Course (Online)

20-hour course on how to teach grammar (Online)

Professional development course for complex grammar lessons.

What is taught - This course helps you understand how to teach grammar to different age groups.

Qualification - Ideal for both beginners and experienced teachers who want to improve their skills.

Accredited - An internationally recognized qualification with a free placement service for our TEFL graduates.

Open - The course is open to everyone. Study any time and from anywhere in the world! (Online).

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20hr How To Teach Grammar Course

Internationally accredited course

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20 hours How to teach grammar course syllabus (4 modules):

  • 1. Grammar Introduction
  • 2. Word Classes, Tenses and Sentences
  • 3. Different Approaches to Teaching Grammar
  • 4. Teaching Grammar to Different Age Groups

How to teach grammar in English class?

Some important points to keep in mind: constantly improve your knowledge of the subject, keep enough time to talk in class, try to teach grammar in context and have fun.

What are the basic grammar rules?

The form of sentences is directly related to some of the most basic and important principles of English grammar. A singular subject requires a singular predicate, according to these principles. We can think of it as the whole thought to be expressed in a sentence.

What is the best way to teach basic grammar?

Use examples from literature and popular writing to show how grammar is used. This can be a good approach for teaching grammar. Students can pick and choose the texts or stories they want to use. As a result, students will find the lesson more interesting. It is important to try and keep the learning context relevant to the students' interests.